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Pinto, E. Accinelli G. Yannacopulos and C.

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Zuo Quan Xu , Fahuai Yi. An optimal consumption-investment model with constraint on consumption. Lv Chen , Hailiang Yang. Optimal reinsurance and investment strategy with two piece utility function. Ellina Grigorieva , Evgenii Khailov. Optimal control of a nonlinear model of economic growth.

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Conference Publications , , Special : Shaoyong Lai , Yulan Zhou. A stochastic optimal growth model with a depreciation factor. Ka Chun Cheung , Hailiang Yang. Optimal investment-consumption strategy in a discrete-time model with regime switching.

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Optimal investment strategy on advertisement in duopoly. Optimal investment and reinsurance with premium control. Optimal control of a two-equation model of radiotherapy. Optimal production, pricing and government subsidy policies for a closed loop supply chain with uncertain returns. Optimal vaccination strategies for an SEIR model of infectious diseases with logistic growth. Nagy , Yang Kuang. The dynamics of a delay model of hepatitis B virus infection with logistic hepatocyte growth. Mohammad A. Race and Citizenship in the Americas.

The relationship between citizenship and racial ideologies in the Americas. Comparison of the diverse racial and social experiences of U. Latinos with other populations in the Americas. Latino Social Movements in the United States. Social movements and public action by Latinos in the United States. Includes farmworkers organizing, unionization efforts, nationalist movements, feminism, struggles, and community debates. Seminar in Latin American Studies. Diverse aspects of modern Latin American society, politics, culture and economics from the wars of independence to contemporary times.

Course Information: May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Diverse aspects of the U. Latino experience at more theoretical and advanced levels. Examination of research methods in social sciences and current trends in Latin American and Latino Studies. Emphasis on critical analysis of research methods, use of analytical approaches for particular kinds of investigation, and hands on application to case studies.

Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. Ancient Maya Writing, Language and Culture. Recent trends in Maya epigraphy, information gained from Maya hieroglyphs, linguistics, and historical ethnographies are applied to anthropological analyses of past lifeways. Prerequisite s : Junior standing or above; and consent of the instructor.

An overview of the cultural evolution of the Andean region from the arrival of the first inhabitants to the development of the Inca empire. Studies in Language Policy and Cultural Identity. Examines the development, articulation, and effects of language policies on identity formation and culture. Focuses on the United States and the Spanish language, although other countries and languages are included.

Prerequisite s : Junior standing or above. Latin American Migration to the U. Latin American migration to the U. International migration theories, family remittances, transnational linkages, dual citizenship, and past and current U. Prerequisite s : Consent of the instructor. Topics in Latin American History.


Specific topics are announced each term. May be repeated. Prerequisite s : 3 hours of history, Latin American and Latino studies, or consent of the instructor.

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  • Interdisciplinary Seminar in Latin American Studies. Specific topics as announced each semester. In-depth study of selected topics such as: process of state formation, education, populism, the family, democratization, industrialization and ideological currents. May be repeated if topics vary. Prerequisite s : Any two level Latin American and Latino Studies courses or consent of the instructor.

    Interdisciplinary Seminar in Latino Studies.

    In-depth study of Latino communities and current issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, with emphasis on the learning and use of investigative methodologies. Community Research Internship. Work in community-based organizations and cultural institutions to develop experiential knowledge about social, political and cultural issues facing Latinos and Latin Americans.

    Trends in Mathematical Economics : Dialogues Between Southern Europe and Latin America

    Placements introduce issues of ethnicity, identity, and transnationalism. Prerequisite s : Junior standing or above and consent of the instructor.

    Mathematical Economics versus Econometrics: Understanding the Difference

    Concurrent registration in LALS Advanced Independent Study. Individual advanced reading or research project in Latin American or U. Latino studies, with instructor's consent and supervision. Course Information: May be repeated to a maximum of 8 hours. Prerequisite s : Open, with consent of the instructor, to graduate students and Latin American and Latino studies majors with at least a 3. Students in other programs or with lower than a 3. Class Schedule Information: This course counts toward the limited number of independent study hours accepted toward the undergraduate degree and the major.

    Latinx and Latin American Critical Thought.

    The evolution of Latinx and Latin American thought. Focus on autochtonous production of Latin American and Latinx studies scholars, canonic themes and scholarly concern. Latinos and Latin America in Transnational Context.

    Education in Latin America

    Analysis of transnational processes linking Latin America and Latinos in the U. The impact of globalization on migration, culture, identity, work, health, education, family, politics. Topics in Latin American and Latino Studies. Latinos that reflect the major and most current debates in these fields. Course Information: May be repeated if topics vary. Prerequisite s : Graduate or professional standing; or consent of the instructor.

    Proseminar in Latin American and Latino Studies. Introduction to the profession, discussion of lectures, course work, readings, and student research. Colloquium on Latin American History. Topics on themes in Latin American history. Students complete research and composition of the final paper project under the direction of a supervising professor. Course Information: May be repeated. Investigation of special problems under the direction of a faculty member. Contact the Webmaster. Academic Catalog Search Catalog.