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Developing requires one skill set, while testing requires another. This makes the job suitable just for QA engineers that followed studies in this sense and that understand specific techniques that are not normally used in developing. Developers can perform a basic test of the application, but QA testers are the ones who can analyze the programs in depth and take a look at issues that may generate consequences in the future.

Testers engage in procedures that are much more complex and specific compared to what developers know.

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Developers need to focus entirely on the software product in order to respect the given deadlines. This is where QA engineers intervene. Software Quality Assurance is a completely separate department specially because testing takes time and it needs to be treated as another process. Developers can continue their jobs while testing engineers do whatever it takes to see if there are any issues that need fixing. This separation ensures delivering quality software products on time. A programming language is required to learn how to automate the processes involved in the testing process.

Developers should already know how to automate these processes considering that they work with coding every single day.

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However, testing engineers are the ones who should handle this because coding is just one part of the process. QA engineers need to handle scripts, automation tools, test cases and so on. Running tests without properly writing down the information obtained is useless. This is the reason why a Software Quality Assurance engineer must handle documentation and reports. After each sequence that was tested, the QA engineer is supposed to create a comprehensive report related to it, so that the team knows where the project is situated.

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Their mind will only be fixed on the way they built the program. On another hand, testers can offer you a whole new perspective and improve the code tremendously by just taking a look at it, considering that they have an entirely new view on it. The mindset of a tester is exactly what a project needs in order to be improved, even though it is error-free.

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No developer team should test its own products, as it is a waste of resources. Software Quality Assurance engineers are the only ones who can determine how good a program is and how it can be improved, all in the shortest time possible and with the smallest amount of resources consumed.

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Alexander Gilmanov. How does Software Quality Assurance work? Defining Software Quality Assurance SQA also known as QA , short from Software Quality Assurance, represents a complex process that involves testing a software product so that it meets the requirements and specifications that were defined and standardized earlier in the process. Is Software Quality Assurance important? The quality of the product is checked Quality assurance testing is highly necessary to ensure that the product meets the standards and it is fully operational, no bugs, glitches or errors included.

Saving money and time When fixing bugs in an early stage of the process, additional expenses and a lot of wasted hours are saved. Improving customer satisfaction The same goes for customer satisfaction. Assessing, analyzing and reporting A software QA engineer is just as technical as a developer — they both work with numbers. Feedback and improvement A quality control engineer is responsible for taking into account the opinion of each team member regarding any flaws or errors that may interfere with launching a product.

Involving the development team QA engineers should not only let development team members know about the issues, but they should actively involve them in the process. Do you have a product in mind or you want to recover an existing one? Schedule a free consultation. More related read. Study goals: After completing the module the students have the following knowledge and competencies.

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They … — know the goals, concepts, models, and basic terms of software quality assurance — know important methods of static software inspections — are able to apply test case selection techniques and know important test exit criteria — are able to systematically develop test specifications — know the fundamentals of software measurement and are able to define and assess software metrics — know standard approaches to evaluate and improve software development processes. They have to present and discuss their solutions and ideas in front of the class.

As professional knowledge on software quality assurance is provided, students gain personal and professional competencies that enable to work as quality assurance engineer. The following topics are covered: — Terms, concepts and models of quality assurance — Measurement and software metrics — Quality models — Test automation — Foundations of tests and test theory — Test techniques, section of test cases — Test-driven Development and Behavior-driven Development — Approaches to static examination of software — Economic models of quality assurance Study goals: After completing the module the students have the following knowledge and competencies.