Manual Russia Invaded: From Genghis Khan to Hitler

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Poland will be depopulated and settled with Germans. A German pilot known only as Pohl who was captured later in the war described his actions in the early days of the war in a conversation with Meyer, a fellow prisoner:.

Russia Invaded: From Genghis Khan to Hitler by Mario. Francini - PDF Drive

Pohl: On the second day of the Polish war I had to drop bombs on a station at Posen. Eight of the 16 bombs fell on the town, among the houses, I did not like that. On the third day I did not care a hoot, and on the fourth day I was enjoying it.

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It was our before-breakfast amusement to chase single [Polish] soldiers over the fields with [machine gun] fire and to leave them lying there with a few bullets in the back. Pohl: People civilians too. The leader bombed the street, the two supporting machines the ditches, because there are always ditches there. You should have seen the horses stampede! Pohl: I was sorry for the horses, but not at all for the people.

But I was sorry for the horses up to the last day.

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Pilots attack their targets from a distance; soldiers come face to face with theirs. Gerhard M. Burning houses, weeping women, screaming children.

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A picture of misery. In one of the primitive peasant houses we even surprised a woman servicing a Polish machine-gun. The house was turned over and set alight.

From to , Jews and other racial, political and ethnic minorities in Europe were targeted and systematically murdered by the Nazi forces. Hitler became its chairman in Nazism rejected any theories of the western capitalism and the Soviet socialism. Hitler believed in an Aryan German race. Aryan race indicates to an Indo-European European and Western Asian Caucasian race and the racist term is used to indicate a white supremacy concept. Despite Hitler being the worst man and one of the most documented men in human history, there are still few less known facts about him.

Popular entertainment website What Culture reported on 20 such mind-boggling facts about him. After participating in the WWI, Hitler returned to Munich and remained in the army due to having no formal education or career prospects.

Russia Invaded: From Genghis Khan to Hitler

He was appointed Verbindungsmann or intelligence agent of a reconnaissance commando of Reichswehr in July Reichswehr was the military organization of Germany from to It was united with Wehrmacht, the unified armed forces of Germany in His task was to influence other soldiers and monitoring the activities of the DAP. Hitler joined DAP in September becoming the 55 th member of the party.

Like many Austrians, Hitler began to get attracted to German nationalist ideas from an early age. After giving a repeat, he passed the final school exams. His mother died of breast cancer at the age of 47 on December 21, At the age of , he was twice rejected admission into the Fine Arts Academy in and as he was declared unfit for painting. While in Vienna, he tried to make a living out of selling his paintings. But due to lack of quality and resources, he ran out of money soon.

Hitler kept moving from one place to another as his savings gradually diminished and his lifestyle deteriorated.

Image Used: The public dormitory for men in Vienna, where Hitler lived from to Image attribution- Edward Hopper, wikipedia. These reformations were initiated by Martin Luther, John Calvin and others. Lutherans and Calvinists are two major branches of Protestant Christianity. Lutheran Churches were mostly founded in Germany as Martin Luther was a German friar and he initiated the movement in the 16 th century.

He said that Catholic Church had spilled more blood than any other religion. Despite he was brought up as a Catholic during his childhood, he despised Christianity and especially the papacy. But he admired Luther. Nearly half of his time in the WWI, he was well behind the front lines. Hitler was wounded during the Battle of the Somme.

Hitler discovered his love for Germany during the First World War.

The War against Poland: Speed and Brutality

Due to his contribution in the war, he was awarded the Iron Cross, Second Class in Image attribution- Bundesarchiv , wikipedia. Johann Georg Hiedler married Maria Anna in However, the nation's brutality and perverted nature meant that the nation had to be destroyed at great cost.

TOS : " Patterns of Force ". After Jonathan Archer restored a damaged timeline , Adolf Hitler giving a speech could be seen in the time stream as the timeline realigned itself. In , Korby believed that by transferring consciousness into an android body, a Human would have practical immortality. James T.

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Kirk responded that this was programming, comparing Korby with others who had made the same promises, using different words, like Genghis Khan , Julius Caesar , Hitler, Ferris , and Maltuvis. In , in a conversation between Captain Kirk and General Chang , Kirk pointed out that Chang had effectively paraphrased a statement by Hitler from , when Chang stated " We need breathing room ". In , in a Dixon Hill holo-novel set in , a headline on the front page of the San Francisco Herald proclaimed " Hitler on the Move ", followed with the subheading " Roosevelt presses Congress for British aid.

In , in another Dixon Hill holo-novel, Dixon Hill's secretary Madeline said that the last time they had a new case was when " Hitler and Stalin were bosom buddies. In , Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise -D agreed with Berlinghoff Rasmussen that saving an endangered planet could hypothetically allow " the next Adolf Hitler or Khan Singh " to come into being, but such philosophical debates didn't help him in solving real problems.

Adolf Hitler in New York City in the year of an alternate timeline. Hitler proved much more successful in at least two alternate timelines.