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No cover image. Read preview. Excerpt The best way to understand a philosophical theory is nearly always to try to appreciate the force of the arguments for it.

A History of Philosophy - 74 Bertrand Russell -- Logical Atomism

In The Philosophy of Logical Atomism , given as a series of lectures in the winter of —18 and republished in this volume, Russell says that his reason for calling his doctrine logical atomism is because: the atoms that I wish to arrive at as the sort of last residue in analysis are logical atoms and not physical atoms. He tells us that they are particulars, qualities, and relations, and he is evidently They were first published in The Monist , , and reprinted in Russell: Logic and Knowledge , ed.

Read preview Overview. Common types of primary sources include works of literature, historical documents, original philosophical writings, and religious texts.

Russell’s Logical Atomism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Schizophrenia By Manila Bulletin, January 10, On This Day, Nov. Logical Atomism in Russell and Wittgenstein. Oxford University Press.

The Philosophy of Logical Atomism. Bertrand Russell - - Open Court. Wittgenstein's Logical Atomism.

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Ian Proops - - Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy 65 The Logical Atomism of Bertrand Russell. Cornelius Benjamin - - [S. Kevin C. Klement - - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Russell on Names.

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Jane Duran - - Philosophy Research Archives Logical Space and Metaphysical Systems. Russell: A Guide for the Perplexed. Mysticism and Logic.

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Logical Atomism in Metaphysics categorize this paper. Applied ethics. History of Western Philosophy. Normative ethics. Philosophy of biology. Philosophy of language.