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Julia Hartley Moore has experienced it too - in her own life, and also in her career as a private investigator.

She has seen it all, and has become both well informed and wise about how people pursue affairs. In this new edition of her bestselling book Infidelity: Exploding the Myths, she identifies the telltale signs to look out for if you suspect your partner is a cheat, and what to do about it once you have confirmed it. Bursting with useful information and practical advice, Infidelity is a self-help guide as well as a reference book.

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It includes dozens of real-life examples from her professional work, as well as a chapter on how to have a successful affair and a chapter by a lawyer on your legal and financial rights. She founded her business in , and works throughout New Zealand and Australia. Her work as a PI achieved widespread attention through her television series on the subject, and she continues to make regular television and radio appearances.

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